Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Researcher position

in Smart materials – materials with martensitic transformation and magnetic-shape memory Heusler alloys

at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University,

Prague, Czech Republic


  • Master degree in Physics/Materials Science/Chemistry
  • For Postdoctoral position Ph.D. degree
  • Experiences with crystal growth are advantage
  • High motivation, work independently and in team, interest to study new perspective materials with magnetic-shape memory


We offer:

  • Exciting research environment in our research group consisting of internationally recognized researchers as well as young scientists with team spirit.
  • Possibility to complete Ph.D. under the supervision of British and Czech scientists
  • Close international cooperation with top universities and institutes worldwide.
  • Top-class instruments for materials research and characterization (optical zone furnace, lasers, magnetron sputter…).
  • Gross monthly salary of 35 000,- CZK + bonuses
  • Carrier development – working position at the biggest and most prestigious university in the Czech Republic
  • Employment benefits of the Charles University employee
  • Active participation at prestigious conferences in Europe and worldwide
  • Flexible working hours

Description of our topics

The Heusler alloys, with general formula X2YZ where X and Y are transition metals and Z is a main block element, are comprised of more than 200 possible combinations of elements. So far they have shown a range of interesting magnetic and electronic phenomena ranging from the appearance of room-temperature skyrmions, large magnetocaloric effects, superelasticity and magnetic shape memory.

Despite their interest, only a fraction of the possible combinations have been experimentally synthesized and studied. With a particular interest in magnetic shape memory properties – where high magnetocrystalline anisotropy and high mobility of twin boundaries allow reorientation of crystal domains by applied magnetic field – our research group is investigating both known and new Heusler alloys. At present alloys based on Ni2MnGa show the largest magnetic field induced crystal strains (up to 12%) and using improved crystal growth techniques applied to new- or doped-composition Heuslers we aim to improve on this.

We are looking for a candidate to join the project, with a focus on crystal growth and magneto-mechanical property measurements. Within our lab, we have a wide and expanding range of crystal growth apparatus ranging from flux growth, through induction and resistance furnace Bridgeman techniques as well as optical floating zone furnaces using both halogen and laser heating. Our property measurement facilities include abilities to measure magnetization, specific heat, dilatometry, electric transport and hall conductivity in fields up to 20 T, and down to millikelvin temperatures.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to prepare new Heusler compounds and investigate a range of interesting electronic and magnetic phenomena, working with our magneto-optic and theory groups to rationalize these with regards to electronic structure.

In case of your interest, submit your CV and a brief statement of interest until April 28th.
Ph.D. application process for year 2019/2020 at Charles University closes on April 30th! After this deadline it is not possible to submit Ph.D. application.


Vladislava Vojtíšková (